Die Seglerinnen e.V. - international



you can…

  • meet other yachts-women,
  • make plans for common sailingtours
  • take part in our organized Sailing events
  • spin a yarn at quiet days or sing together with the mermaids at stormy days

Our club has been established nearly 30 years ago. It is well known as an international network of sailing women. Clubmembers are sailing anywhere in Europe, on the North Sea and the Baltic sea as well as on German, Dutch or other inland waters or on the Mediterranean.

In contrast to stationary clubs we don´t offer special services. Our activities are all based on the ideas and the engagement of our club-members.

With our network, we would like to connect our ideas and activities with yours and offer support. Based on this concept, we want to enlarge the group of sailing women who love this sport. We would like to bring them together for tours, events, regattas and mutual help.

Are you interested? Do you want to take part in our club or activities? Do you have any questions? Do you have any further information for us about interesting sailing-events or regattas?

Send your e-mail to info@seglerinnen.de